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Classified as a Schedule II drug by the federal government, its medical uses are typically pain management following surgery or for chronic pain. Country star Roy Clark, the guitar virtuoso and singer who headlined the cornpone TV show "Hee Haw" for nearly a quarter century and was known for such hits as "Yesterday When I was Young" and "Honeymoon Feeling," died Nov. Teague in the modern horror classic “Poltergeist”, died Oct.

Put your energy where it will make the most difference: suriving your frustrating and thankless job.* Office Politics Your boss reached his/her position by being politically astute. Corollary: To be a successful manager, you must learn to be insensitive to the needs of your employees.* Group Writing Few things in less efficient than a group of people trying to write a sentence.Those companies could be managed by gerbils and they would still make money hand over paw.Sure, in the beginning somebody invented something valuable, or stole it from somebody else, but since then it's been strictly auto-pilot.But remember to speak metaphorically, or it will sound sound silly : eg 'I've been putting out fires all day', or 'It's a bomb waiting to go off'.* Understanding Accounting People People who work in accounting departments often work 12 hour days creating reports that nobody cares about. Do not attempt humor around them.* Understanding Technical People Technical people respond to questions in three ways : It is technically impossible (meaning: I don't feel like doing it); It depends (meaning: abandon all hope of a useful answer); The data bits are flexed through a collectimizer which strips the flow-gate arrays into virtual message elements (meaning: I don't know).* The Joy of Feedback Feedback is a business term which refers to the joy of criticizing other people's work.This is one of the few genuine pleasures of the job, and you should milk it for all it's worth.* Nobody Knows Any More Than You Do Buzzwords are valuable for intimidating outsiders and making them think you're smarter than you really are.

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If you think about it, human beings are the worst possible creatures to have access to powerful technology.

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