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Take)Paperback Writer (version 2)Paperback Writer (version 3)Rain (alt. Legal Tender (with Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz)02. We Can Work It Out Day Tripper Paperback Writer Rain Strawberry Fields Forever Penny Lane Rain Strawberry Fields Forever Penny Lane A Day In The Life All You Need Is Love Hello, Goodbye Lady Madonna Hey Jude (rehearsals)Hey Jude Revolution Get Back The Ballad Of John And Yoko Something Let It Be Baby It's You (live at the Beep)We Can Work It Out (alt. SET LISTS: FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 1985 FIRST NIGHT SET:01. Rock Lobster SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, 1985 SECOND NIGHT SET:05. Roam THE B-52s LIVE AT ROCKPALAST Westphalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany May 15, 1983 Live 1983 Set list: 1. TRIPOD CAM, SIMILAR TO PRO-SHOT, DURING THE DAY, GREAT NATURAL SUNLIGHT, GRADE A MOTELS SET IS 50 MINUTES, BERLIN SET IS 60 MINUTES, GRADE A [highly recommended]BERLIN / THE MOTELS 2-ON-1 DVD"LONG BEACH PRIDE" SHOW 2002 LIVE DOUBLE-BILL, MAY 19, 2002 IN LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA BIG BOYS: 2 SETS OF TEXAS SKATE-PUNK-FUNK LEGENDS LIVE: VEX'S LOS ANGELES 1983 (B QUALITY, FUZZY FOR ONE MINUTE 11-MINUTES IN) AND AUSTIN, TEXAS AUDITORIUM SHORES 1983 (graded B / B ).

Pro-shot, A- [*PAL*]BLACK FLAG: TARGET HARDCORE VOL. Pro-shot, menu, 97 minutes total, A [*PAL*]DVD features live at Ronnie Scott's,47 Frith St., London, England (pro, 27 minutes) Promo Videos (pro, 45 minutes) Friday Night, Saturday Morning (acoustic performances interview, pro, 10 minutes),plus Top of the Pops Club Country,18 Carat Love Affair, and Number 73 S4 (pro, 15 minutes)total time = approximately 97 minutes THE ASSOCIATES COMPILATION #2 - TV Documentary, TV appearances, videos etc. take)A Day In The Life (verion 2)All You Need Is Love (alt. Sickness Divine AND ALSO THE TREES 11/12/2003 Sinkasten, Frankfurt, Germany, Pro-shot, 1 hour 48 minutes, AAnd Also the Trees Sinkasten, Frankfurt, Germany November 12, 2003Set list: Gone Like the Swallows21 York Street He Walked Through the Dew Maps in Her Wrists and Arms Brother Fear Genevieve Fighting in a Lighthouse Feeling Fine A Room Lives in Lucy In My House Mermen of the Sea Slow Pulse Boy The Willow Shaletown The Untangled Man The Obvious The Reply Shantell Vincent Craine Wallpaper Dying AND GOD CREATED MANCHESTER BBC4 Documentary narrated by John Peel Pro, 49 min., A [*PAL*]ASSOCIATES COMPILATION #1 at Ronnie Scott's 47 Frith St., London, UK Promo Videos TOTP tv appearances. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (Live At The Old Vic.)04. take)This Boy You Can't Do That She's A Woman (alt. (Version 2)Yesterday We Can Work It Out (version 3)Day Tripper (version 2)Paperback Writer (version 4)Rain (version 3)Eleanor Rigby Yellow Submarine Strawberry Fields Forever (alt. take)The Long And Winding Road Paperback Writer (live on Ed Sullivan)Hey Jude (Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour)Don't Let Me Down Come Together THE B-52s THE DOWNTOWN CLUB IN ATLANTA SEPTEMBER 2, 1978 BLACK & WHITE, AMAZING EARLY RARE SHOW, MENU, PRO-SHOT, 25MINUTES, GRADE A- [highly recommended]THE B-52s 1978 DVDThe Downtown Club Atlanta, Georgia September 2, 1978 Set list:1. Also 2 full shows from Black Flag (Mike Muirs house, Venice, CA 1983, 14 minutes, A- AND at The Stone, San Francisco 1984, 80-minutes, A-), plus Venom live at the Hultsfred Festival 2002, Hultsfred, Sweden Pro-shot, 52 minutes, Grade ATotal time of disc = 3 hours.45 GRAVE HOLLYWOOD, CA, OCTOBER 28, 1989 PENIS FLY TRAP, LA, CA, OCTOBER 2000 NON (Boyd Rice), 120 minutes, A-7 SECONDS LIVE AT EMO'S, AUSTIN, TX 10/30/94, AUDIENCE, A- vhs only at this time AC/DC BBC Sight & Sound, London, England" Let There Be Rock" Tour October 29, 1977Set list: Let There Be Rock Problem Child Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Whole Lotta Rosie Bad Boy Boogie Rocker Encore: T. Show 1988GG & the Disappointments Upstate New York 4-19-89 & at the Populas Pudding, Connecticut 4-89GG Spoken Word @ the Primal Plunge, Boston, MA 5-5-89GG & the Toilet Rockers @ Exit, Chicago, IL 1-5-89GG w/ Beautiful Bert @ the Odd Rock Cafe 1989GG TV News Clips from the Milwaukee Court Trial GG Collage "My Prison Walls - 206045"GG & Antiseen Studio Rehearsal, Charlotte, NC 1991GG Acoustic Songs from "Carnival of Excess" 1991GG "Terror in America" Collage GG ALLIN: OUTLAW SCUMFUC (EARLY GG COMP) C /B- (SEE PUNK DVDs PAGE FOR DESCRIPTION)GG ALLIN: DEFECATION AND DESTRUCTION COMPILATION 130 MINUTES, B GG ALLIN AND THE TOILET ROCKERS LIVE AT THE ODD ROCK CAFE, PLUS NEWS CLIPS FROM GG'S COURT TRIAL IN 1991. GG ALLIN: PRIMAL PLUNGE COMPILATION includes Plunge Spoken Word in Boston 05/05/89 (13 minutes, A-) Asbury Park, NJ 08/28/91 (70 minutes, A-) Pre-Space 12/07/91 (9 minutes, B ) Space Chase 12/07/91, 27 minutes, B total time = 119 minutes GG ALLIN: RARE Double KILL GONZO, Khyber Pass, PA 8-29-91 and Beowulf NYC 8-31-91 62 minutes, A-GG ALLIN: TV TALK SHOW APPEARANCES AND JANE WHITNEY 7/16/93, 125 MINUTES, A GG ALLIN WITH DEE DEE RAMONE, Tin Pan Alley Studios, NYC 11/1/91, 92 minutes, A- GG ALLIN: Bleedin Drinkin Stinkin, pro-comp with menu, mostly A-includes Extended version of "Bleedin Stinkin Drinkin" 1991 includes BLEEDIN' STINKIN' DRINKIN' (Extended GG Acoustic Session) PLUS New Orleans Interview, LA 02-15-92, Run time: 20 Minutes, Santa Barbara, CA 09-25-91, Run time: 29 Minutes, The Warehouse, Chicago, IL 11-15-86, Run time: 5 Minutes, Merle Allin's Apartment 94, Run time: 5 Minutes GG ALLIN: Aids Brigade. 08-27-89, A-.includes: Intro (6 minutes, A), GG & Merle acoustic rehearsal (17 minutes, A-/B ), Full band rehearsal (32 minutes, A-/B ), (some of the footage is dark but still good)MARC ALMOND (of SOFT CELL) La Edad de Oro, Madrid, 4th December 1984Pro-shot, 85 minutes, Grade A [*PAL*]Set list:01.

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