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I stub my toe on almost every corner I come in contact with, but I make a joke of my clumsiness every time it happens in order to diffuse the embarrassment.Laughing about being blown off by the person we split nachos with last Thursday helps us feel like But let’s be real — giving cutesy names to behaviour that we don’t like doesn’t just make us feel better. If every time you decided to breadcrumb or ghost, you had to actually think, , we’d probably be less likely to do that.And the more we start admitting the discomfort, the more comfortable we’ll be.Three date rule, play hard to get, men should pay, dress your best; you’ve probably heard every piece of traditional dating advice.So I, for one, am doing away with the cutesy names and embracing the discomfort that comes with certain dating behaviours.

Dating is hard, but it won’t get easier by putting a Band-Aid over bad behaviour and calling it something that trivialises the actions and feelings involved."When you feel bad about something, it helps to hash things out, and we tend to get a little jokey," Sussamn says."That humour is a way to diffuse our pain and our hurt, and help us feel validated." I get that, because I do it in everyday life — and not just about relationships.But, by giving a term to that grey area between casual sex and serious relationship, we’re only helping couples avoid the scary On paper, the guy I'm dating and I are in a situationship.But since I have to have boundaries in order to exist in a relationship, we’ve hammered that shit out, and drawn our lines in the sand.

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