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Jyoti was born in Kolkata, India, before being adopted by her parents, Sue and Patrick, when she turned three years old.Due to Patrick being transgender, him and Sue were faced with a few roadblocks throughout the adoption process – but they eventually managed to bring Jyoti and her younger brother, Krish, into their family. We’d been attempting to adopt for probably two years.When it comes to understanding men, it’s similar to what’s called Cat-string theory: If you dangle a string above a cat it will go crazy to get it, but once you drop the string and let the cat have it, it won’t be bothered anymore. If you use sex as your bait, don’t be surprised if that’s all he wants you for!Jyoti Gambill-Read was born ‘intersex’ – something she defines as ‘not having the typical binary sex organs or parts’.

Think about it: Why might a guy get angry when you tell him you want to wait another couple of dates before jumping into bed?This is why some men run away or lose interest after women give them sex.Because the woman made the whole focus of their dating a game of when they were going to have sex.I love that girl.” Patrick added: “I looked at that first email and I read it over and over again.“I thought ‘that’s our baby.’ I just knew with all my being, that connection was meant to be.

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“At first, I was super excited and open about having the opportunity to adopt an intersex child. “Then I kind of realised that I was breaching her privacy, especially since she started getting older.

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