Dating a jensen speaker

What is also interesting is that our own taste developes over time.

After many years with vanilla ice cream, the taste of chocolate will be a tone explosion, not to mention a mix of the two.

There are of course exceptions to our preference of American speakers.

One is a heavily cranked amp with a bright single coil guitar.

I'm not asking about the obvious C12R or P12R part of the code, but when there are more letters, like C12PF. If I have it right, the letters in the code refer to powerhandling.

You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have.), but the "N" is muchhigher and the "Q" is lower than the "N".This was from a internetpublished article:"The R, S, and T suffixes denote a low power rating: good for Princetons and Champs, but the R is barely able to handle the power of a Deluxe. These are especially good formulti-speaker amps up to 40-watts since multiple speakers divide the amp'stotal output power between them.For this reason, the P10Q is the speaker tohave in the 5F6-A Bassman.Note that it does not appear that Fender used the"P" rated speakers very often.

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