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Visit Stack Exchange I have a few dozen excel files which are all of the same format (i.e. I need to combine all the files into 1 master file which must have just 2 of the 4 worksheets.

The corresponding worksheets from each Excel file are named exactly the same as are the column headers.

Pivot Table - The first example works on multiple files, which must have the data in identical structures, and you can read the instructions on my blog.

To see Kirill's pivot table code, you can download the Pivot Workbooks example.

Create a Union Query Manually Union Query Macro -- Sheets in One File Union Query Macro -- Data in Multiple Excel Files In Excel, you can open the Microsoft Query tool, and write a SQL statement to create a Union query (full outer join) to combine multiple tables.

Then, use the result as the pivot table's source data.

I've never used VBA before and I'm wondering where I might start this task!

Since you wanted them on one sheet, I think the above isn't what you were looking for. Especially, if different sheets have a similar identifier (part number/contact person/ect).

Unzip the folder, and keep all the files in the same folder.With this solution, you'll end up with a normal pivot table, with none of the limitations.However, it's a bit tedious to set up, especially if you have more than a couple of tables.While each file is structured the same, the information within sheet 1 and 2 (for example) is different.So it can’t be combined into one file with everything in one sheet!

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To see an example, download the Union Query sample files.

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