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Clark attends Pam's chore wheel meeting and cheers along with the rest of the office during each employee's turn to spin it.

Andy hears of this but however is just as gullible and believes Erin really is getting considered for the job.

He and Pete are shown sitting on the bench waving at the camera and Andy says they both "fail".

He also says Clark likes to eat toilet paper which Clark denies towards the cameras.

When Dwight tries to find who the owner of an anxiety pill is, he loudly shouts it out and Clark and Pete, who were sitting in Darryl's office and talking to him turn and stare at him along with the rest of the office.

When the Acappella group begin to sing for the office staff in the conference room, Clark falsely flatters them and is later seen dancing to their music.

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  1. If you’re wondering why you keep going after emotionally unavailable men, it’s because you’re chasing the familiar. And predictable, You convince yourself that if you can do the one thing that no human will ever be able to do (make another person change out of being who they are), then that will invalidate Dad and de-pedestal him.