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If you feel like you need to draw a Venn diagram at this point, you are not alone. three times, I traveled and camped my way through 36 states, I made 3 big trips to Europe, and between ages 18 and 40, I moved a total of 23 times.

It quite possibly could be the start of a very pretty Spirograph picture. This year, the doctors decided to stop operating on me.

I will also be moving to be with my girlfriend who nearly died recently from renal failure. She is a cancer survivor, chronically ill and still trying to be a nurse to help others, she’s truly amazing. Here’s to a new year of better health, love, and finding happiness.

I want to be there with her to show her that she is loved, appreciated and I would like to take care of her. Unfortunately I will be barely making it on my fixed income so I need to help to pay my medical bills and IVIG. Hugs & Happy Holidays – Bryan (Lyme Inside) Tags: Cancer, CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Lyme Disease, chronically ill, Fibromyalgia, FMS, LD, Lupus, ME ______________________________________________________________________________ Dating With Lyme And Rude People I have mentioned before I am trying to date and having no success.

I’ll clarify that the family I am referring to is comprised of my mom, my step-dad, my sister and I; another family I belong to includes my father (who passed away in 1996), my step-mom and her current husband, my sister, me and my half-brother.

Allow me to explain by saying that it was great to be with my family after at least 20 years of not being in the same place at the same time.They will then be a single parent because of course, you want a child.You are not going to be around to see that child grow up or even support it in any way. Nor is watching someone get sicker and sicker until they die. My mother is a Stage 4 Cancer patient and is going to be on chemo for the rest of her life. There are days that she can’t eat or even get out of bed.I had no idea that going out with my parents would sprinkle some extra fairy dust over the crowd, though.We grabbed some stools and got settled with our adult beverages.

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