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Coptic Christians in Egypt continue to face harassment and acts of violence by their neighbors, but also face a quiet persecution of marginalization in the country with only “a few token appointments” to government positions, and “no significant appointments.” This persecution is not a recent phenomenon, he said; the modern persecution dates back to the revolution in the 1950s with the revolution and the gradual radicalization of Egypt.

Saint Mark who was the writer of the gospel of Mark first introduced Christianity in Egypt.

They hid there until the death of King Herod, and this became the fulfillment of the old prophecy; out of Egypt, I called my son as written in Mathew -23.

The original Egyptian Christians were ordinary individuals who spoke the Coptic Language.

Archbishop Angaelos noted that he heard Pope Francis use that phrase “before any of the major attacks had happened.” “I think if you look at our history and our tradition, we have shared a history of martyrdom, a history of people dying for their faith,” he said.

Coptic is a Greek word referring to an Afro-Asiatic language of the native land of Egypt, and it originated from the ancient Egyptians.

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