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” has beens who would sell their favorite body part for even D-list notoriety.So it’s refreshing to see a show that addresses the not-so-pretty side of the fashion industry in which designers struggle to pay their rent and to find sponsors/backers, yet continue to try to make clothes that satisfy their inner muse and the fickle public."I've gotta say, daytime fans are the best fans. It's one of those things where I couldn't wait for people to find out because I knew they would be excited, but [the response] always kind of exceeds your expectations.

In preparation for her big debut, spoke with the actress about her new role and what it's like working with her best friend, Melissa Claire Egan, and her boyfriend, Justin Hartley. Photo: © Marie Westbrook How would you describe your character? I feel like it's been like a little welcoming." Did the strong fan response surprise you?She's such a fun character, too, so to be able to step in and work with someone who is truly iconic on this show was amazing. We've known each other for so long, so it was really cool to work together." Just how much drama will Bethany bring?contestants attempt to “make it work” as they cut, cry, and create what they hope to be winning garments indicative of their personal style as well as meeting the challenges’ requirements, 30-something Los Angeles-based bikini designer Ashley Paige struggles desperately to keep her dream alive and to stay in business in the new TLC reality series, l, I believe they do both the viewer/aspirant and the contestants a grave disservice for they promote the idea that all the hard work and sacrifice it takes to make it big in the industry can be encapsulated in a 6 to 10 week series of “challenges.” It is no wonder that these shows produce so many disillusioned “Where are they now?In an 11th hour save, the Board give Ashley the ,000 she needs to proceed.After Ashley gets the money, it’s all systems go as she scrambles to create the 40 items to be displayed in the runway.

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