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Jr (2018) Examining Paths to Success by Assessing Performance of Undergraduate Pre-service Teachers on High-stakes Texas Examinations of Educator Standards Teacher Certification Exams Hernandez Rodriguez, Omar (2018) Geant4 Study of Protons - Tissue Interactions Hernandez, Saul (2018) At Night My Body Waits Herrera, Dyanne Giselle (2018) Regional Differences in Feto-infant Mortality in the U.

(2018) Change in the Organization Socialization of the United States Border Patrol's Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy: A Supervisor's Perspective Manriquez Roman, Claudia (2018) CRISPR/Cas9-induced Genetic Disruption and Characterization of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase in Trypanosoma cruzi Manzanilla, Jorge (2018) Dinamita Rojas Mares, Jessica Rubyn (2018) The Empirical Relationship of Income and Body Mass Index in El Paso, Tx Marquez, Emily Ann (2018) Changes in Fundamental Frequency of Voice in a Group of Transwomen Following Voice Modification Therapy Martinetti, Luis Enrique (2018) Functional Investigation of a Brainstem Excitatory Connection Relevant to Sensorimotor Gating Martinez, Francisco Joaquin (2018) Crawler Inspection Robot with Machine Vision (Lifelong Endevour) Martinez-Gottmann, Jose Luis (2018) Philosophical Exercise on Irony Martinez, Israel Martinez (2018) Effects of Air and Other Gases in the Stabilization Process of the Superprotonic Phase of Cesium Dihydrogen Phosphate Within a Hermetically Sealed Chamber Martinez, Mariana (2018) Design and Simulation of MEMS Actuators to Study Strain Behavior of 2D Materials Martinez, Mario Benito (2018) La Tumba Del Buque Perdido Mc Millan, Kyla Ann (2018) Voice Onset Time of Voiceless Stops in the English of the El Paso Del Norte Region Mehl, Kayla R (2018) On Racial Barriers Mendoza, Christopher (2018) Detecting Contaminated Fiber Connectors Using SFP Optical Power Data Mendoza Rosas, Quetzalcoatl (2018) Design of Robotic Tram Unit for Field Data Collection Meza, Cesar Arturo (2018) The Role of Circulating mi RNAs as Clinical Biomarkers of Insulin Sensitivity and Exercise Adaptation in Young Offpsring of Type 2 Diabetes Patients Meza, Samantha Michelle (2018) Prevalence of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Colonization in Medical Students at the El Paso/CD.

Juarez Border Region Michal, Lucy Hernandez (2018) Beyond Teacher Knowledge: Connections Between Content Knowledge, Mindset for Learning, and Teaching in Two-Year College Mathematics Faculty Milian, Luis Miguel Martinez (2018) Magnetic and Catalytic Properties of Transition Metal Doped Mo S2 Nanocrystals Montoya, Diana Patricia Pineda (2018) EFL Teachers' Identities and Their Teaching and Assessment Practices in a Public University of a Major City in Colombia Moreno Tarango, Abner J (2018) Structural Design of Thrust Measurement System for Cryogenic Rocket Engines Morgan, Larry (2018) Spatial Genres of Revitalization: Desiring-machines and the Production of Public Subjects Motta, Jose Francisco (2018) Development of a Material Extrusion Desktop 3D Printer with Wire Embedding Capabilities Muniz, Esmeralda Patricia (2018) Credit Union Loan Rate Determinants During the Post-2009 Expansion Muñoz, Julio Alberto Reyes (2018) The Effect of Data Marshalling on Computation Offloading Decisions Murillo, Eric (2018) Indios to Vecinos: Identity and Classification in Paso del Norte Mwangi, Anna Wairimu (2018) Magnetotelluric Analysis of Central Kenya Kenyan Rift Volcanoes for Geothermal Development Naidu, Varaha Venkat Vyas Kumar (2018) Shape Detection of Structural Electronics Using Machine Vision System Embeded Into Scara Robot Naim, Sheikh Motahar (2018) Tracking Topical Evolution in Large Document Collections Najera Beltran, Sandra Elena (2018) Characterization of 3D Printed Polylactic Acid/ Polycaprolactone/titanium Dioxide Composites for Bone Replacement and Grafting Natarajan, Venkata Vignesh (2018) Streamlining Alloy Design and Thermo-mechanical Processing Parameters for High Strength Line Pipe Steels and Hot Rolled Microalloyed Steels: Process - 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