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special tool needed or is a pump oil can supposed to work? I sold and serviced CCM during the 1970s boom and have a 1969-1974 sales log.In it are 646 CCM sales, recording the models, dates and serial numbers.This allowed them to build up the necessary inventory for the big spring shipments.It also allowed them to have the new models available for the lucrative Christmas season.Sales for 1969 include 31 K-series serial numbers and 11 L-series numbers.

However, it was also very flexible and unfortunately can become brittle with age and consequently break.As for the serial number, the data suggests that CCM's format was based on a calendar year.However, like most manufacturers, they started building the new models ln the last quarter of the previous year.While it corroborates the sequence for 1969-1974, it suggests the Yahoo sequence is incorrect for at least 19.As is typical, the log indicates sales of some leftover models.

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