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However, the real compression was only starting, as what felt like a horde of elephants began running into me from every direction.

I had no idea what to do, and the mosh pit was quickly engulfing the entire floor where my friends has not too inadvertently told me would be "the best place to stand." A fight for survival ensued, and by the end of it, my jeans had ripped completely off of my left leg, my shirt had buttons torn out, my hair was wild and spiked with sweat, my friend had been trampled in a circle pit and had a rib broken, but most of all, I was carnally ecstatic.

This includes: To enter, please just tell us your best concert story in the comment space below.

We will make absolutely no attempt to verify them, and we'll then pick all the winners randomly around 3pm on Monday 5/30.

I as well have been to many grateful dead shows bu , i have been back stage at many dave mathews shows (old Friend ) of Leroi moore (deceased ) was there when chelsea clinton was back stage ,lots of secret agents in black suits ,but there was still a nice party back stage regardless of all the suits .

In 2008, I saw Rush play on their Snakes and Arrows tour.Anyway, after landing on my feet as a reporter for the (then "Montreal Star") and a street rag, "Logos", I was able to get into concerts for free as a member of the oil immersion light show that a friend I made had put together.I was writing interviews with Muddy Waters, the Kinks, even got invited to sit in when John and Yoko did their sleep in Montreal.Stopped to help a woman with two kids change a flat tire on the way there.I have been fortunate to have been invited to alot of major shows .

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