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If it is, you can then calculate the original field to equal the added field.Once you confirm the values are correct in the original field, you can delete the field you added.

For example, you can add a string field to the feature layer to store text that describes a numeric or abbreviated string value in another field.

As the SQL calculation interface in If you need to replace an existing value with another—for example, the way you represent a particular value has changed or you need to correct mistyped values—you can find all the existing values for a field and replace them with a new value.

As the SQL calculation interface in You can use an Arcade expression to return the longitude or latitude coordinate for the spatial fields in a hosted feature layer that contains only points.

In the following example, a piece of machinery is installed 6/14/2016 at a.m.

You could use either of the following calculations to produce an inspection date one month (30 days) after this installation date.

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