Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

As it stands right now, it appears that the issue is not restricted to just one particular BMW-branded model, and, moreover, the issue seems to be plaguing some Hyundai and Kia models as well, but that appears to be a more minor case at the moment.

The first thing to do is to make sure you update the software through i Tunes or a Wi-Fi connection, this will insure that no settings get corrupted.(See below for a temporary fix for this issue)However there are new problems reported with i OS 11.2, high battery drain with Bluetooth connections, no phone.As a service, we are republishing and updating most popular fixes that sometime work.The update to i OS 11.2 appears to have helped some BMW, Subaru, Honda and Acura car owners who have been plagued by Bluetooth issues since i OS 11. We can not tell yet, if corrected all Bluetooth problems in Honda and Acura models.We have contacted Honda public relations for information and they are working on getting an an answers.

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