Blue eyes intimidating cents dating

Nobody is entirely sure why this is, actually, but it does seem that people with grey eyes are a bit more friendly and caring than people with black eyes for example. Although not applicable to all of them, of course, it does seem that most grey-eyed people who find themselves working important jobs are beyond competent.

They are considered smart, inventive, and creative by their peers, but also by the people they interact with on a daily basis.

Some say it is because of their desire to do things right while others say it is a common flaw of all grey-eyed people.

Whether you see it as a unique trait or a flaw, you have to admit that you aren’t likely to see people with grey eyes standing still.

Furthermore, they all appear to enjoy being proper and well-dressed, even when not doing anything particularly important.

From afar, some people might interpret this as being an antisocial behaviour but far from it.

Maybe because of their energetic nature, or maybe because of their passion, people with grey eyes always seem to be extremely busy.

Be it at work or at home, grey-eyed people are always busy doing something.

Once you get to know them, grey-eyed people are some of the most gentle and caring people out there.

It is said that people with grey eyes are very clean and proper, even though they don’t really obsess over it.

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