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There are words for flirting via Black Berry (blirting), repetitive motion injuries from too much Black Berry use (Black Berry thumb) and unwisely using one's Black Berry while intoxicated (drunk-Berrying).

While some people credit the Black Berry with letting them get out of the office and spend time with friends and family, others accuse them of allowing work to infiltrate every moment of free time.

The following steps show how to complete a security wipe on a Blackberry Storm.

We have five people who have Blackberries which are configured to receive their company email.

The Black Berry does not poll the server to look for updates.

It simply waits for the update to arrive and notifies the user when it does.

The criteria can include message type and size, specific senders and updates to specific programs or databases.

This arrangement allows each person to see the incoming email in either or both the Blackberry and Outlook and works quite well. There is no common factors to the emails that "disappear". It is on a white box system running Slackware 10.2.

We have checked the Inbox, Junk Mail, Deleted Items, Sent Items, and Drafts. We use Communi Gate for actual email receipt and delivery. The Sales Manager is the only person having this problem.

It packages e-mail messages into a kind of electronic envelope so the user can decide whether to open or retrieve the rest of the message.

The Black Berry listens for new information and notifies the user when it arrives by vibrating, changing an icon on the screen or turning on a light.

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