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In an era of political correctness, there are only a few people who still hold their opinions and don’t really care what anyone thinks.

John Oliver and Bill Maher are some of the last surviving ones.

Maher is a comedian, political commentator, and talk show host who is popular for his satire and sarcasm.

Good to read how farmers are finally fed up with the "trade war" - finally getting it that every Trump deal ends in a schoolyard beating with Trump in tears and a carrot up his ass. "I knew at the time that I did it – and I'm not proud to say this – that it was wrong..we did it because we were in the panic of the moment." Former Sen.

I would invite other liberals to join me, because they really haven’t in the past, because they’re craven, and they’re afraid of saying anything that would make their audience the least bit uncomfortable, whereas I’m always saying things that makes my audience uncomfortable. When you talk to Trump supporters, the one thing that comes up over and over again is that he’s not politically incorrect. He’s vulgar and vile and many of his opinions are vile, so that doesn’t forgive just not being politically incorrect.

When I did a show called in the ’90s, we once had a contest called “Politically Incorrect or Just Stupid,” because people were copying what we were doing, but they were just being stupid, and then that was political incorrectness.

Bill was born William Maher on January 20, 1956, in New York City to William Aloysius Maher Jr.

who was a news editor/radio announcer and Julie Maher who was a nurse. While his mother was Jewish, his father was Irish-American who brought up his children as Roman Catholics.

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