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Then both Salt Lake City and Denver were also great for vegan food.

We ate at Sage's in SLC (234 900 S, Salt Lake City, Utah) which was a great all vegetarian cafe with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients as well as local Utah beers.

The cafe had a distinctly French-Canadian flair and was called Café Résonance (5175 Park Ave, Montreal, QC). In Boston we played at the Middle East upstairs (472-480 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA) where they fed us for free as opposed to a buy-out.

I was happily sated with a vegan pâté breakfast sandwich and pastry in addition to our morning coffee needs and we were on the road back to the U. The food was good hearty Middle Eastern mezza with a plethora of vegan options.

Le Ritz, the venue, had also lined up a beer sponsor so there were cases and cases of really great and strong bottled beer for the bands to enjoy into the night.

In the morning, before leaving for Boston, MA for a show without Ufomammut (they had a day off from shows every week, while being the younger band and needing the income from shows to keep going, we chose to play through those days that they had off), we stopped at a random coffee shop that Zeke had looked up when we had wifi and it just so happened to be entirely vegan and stocked with vegan pastries and sandwiches.

Montreal was also impeccable for food, and the venue bought us out again this time suggesting Velo Burrito (32 Rue Beaubien E, Montreal, QC) who deliver by bike, and quite often to bands at this particular venue, though we were excited to explore a little before the show and stretch our legs out so we walked a few miles to eat there.

Also cool was that all of their concoctions on the menu were veganizable.

This article is about last May and June, when my band Usnea were granted the great fortune of touring the continental U. and some of Canada in support of our latest record, and as the support act for the extremely talented UFOMAMMUT on their first U. We anxiously await seeing them again in Spring 2016 when we are touring in Europe.

We had an incredible time and quickly became dear friends with them.

On that tour I was the lone vegan, though all of my bandmates have been vegan in the past.

Joel and Johnny are still vegetarian, and though he is an omnivore, Zeke likes eating that way as well, so they were all very accommodating about my dietary needs.

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There were also two all vegan restaurants on either side of the club on the main street out in front and the area itself is loaded with vegan options as it is across the street from the famous MIT University.

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