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Our credit counselors are certified and highly experienced.

Since 1991 we've helped thousands of individuals and families pay off their debts and make a plan to avoid debt in the future.

(Statistics say that individuals spend at least 76% of their disposable income on repaying debt.) An increasing number of South Africans are relying on credit as a solution for their financial challenges.

We can’t always pay for goods and services using cash.

When it comes to debt consolidation, it's important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before you take on new debt.If this is not an option, you can try getting a low-interest loan from your bank.You use this loan to pay off all the credit cards at once.Rather than having to pay several credit cards every month, you consolidate all your balances, so you only have to make one payment a month.In many instances, people can consolidate outstanding balances at a lower interest rate, which helps reduce interest costs and saves money. This is only possible if your credit rating is good enough to enable you to qualify a zero-interest card, and if the limit of the card is high enough to include all your other debts.

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Rather than consolidating debt, you'll simply consolidate all your monthly payments into one single payment to a debt management company, which takes care of paying all your bills on time, while also seeking reductions in interest rates and finance charges to help reduce the amount you owe.

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