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Being able to retain what you've worked hard to achieve is your right.

Though your partner may claim it's 'not romantic' and is in anticipation of a breakup, you're at the one point in your partnership where you can enact such specificity.""Your previous relationships were all tests of what you thought you wanted or needed or a combination of both," says Silva.

As someone who loves to blow money left and right, I can tell you being in a relationship with someone frugal is extremely difficult.

It either ends up in a fight, or me paying just so they'll shut up.

"Extract the answers from those past experiences to figure out what you really want and don’t want." Even if you're afraid the answer won't align with your answer, it's important to ask not just for yourself, but for your partner and the future of your relationship.

When you're in the midst of a new relationship, being practical can feel terribly unromantic. Successful relationships can't survive on love alone.

Though not sexy, everyone is clear."Many of us, when we get into a relationship, hope it will evolve.

You never really realize just how important money is until your marriage is over and you're going to petty and childish lengths to screw your partner out of money and assets — trust me; I know this first hand.

"It's naïve to enter a committed relationship thinking of 'money doesn't count'," says Winter. It's also the root cause for many arguments within the relationship.

Even if you marriage isn't for you, moving in together and sharing a life together, probably is — at least eventually.

You want to make sure you both have the same direction in mind.

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