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"She's wise beyond her years and really understand Mia." The Mantegnas have enrolled Mia in a public school equipped with special education speech, piano, singing and dance lessons that enhance her naturally prodigious musical aptitude.Mia pitch is flawless, says her mother, that if someone sings even slightly off-key, she covers her ears. "I think her musical skill is a form of expression for her." So is an occasional run in with strangers.That was the beginning of the adventure." At first the couple's lives centered around their struggling daughter, who would periodically stop breathing.

Mantegna was stunned by the sight of his tiny daughter, but says his attitude was, "Here's out daughter and she'll be fine..."One time we were playing baseball in the alley, and this guy comes running down with some other guys chasing him", Mantegna recalls of his youth."I remember it gleaming," he says of the nickel-plated gun one of the plain-clothed officers drew.In 1978 Mantegna, Arlene and Franz decided to try their luck in California and packed a U-Haul with their possessions.In Los Angeles, Franz almost backed their belonging off a hillside near the place where the Mantegnas were staying.

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