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A bachelor of social degree gives students insight into the unique issues facing children and adults, and equips them with an understanding of how they can help resolve those issues and guide each of their clients toward better choices, better situations, and a better life overall.

Students with a four-year degree who wish to engage in clinical social work, which allows for counseling services and even prescribing treatments for common issues, must pursue at least graduate-level education in the field.

Social work students endure a rigorous curriculum at the bachelor's degree level.

In addition to strict general education requirements enforced by virtually all modern liberal arts universities, social work students must take classes that focus on modern psychology, contemporary counseling, and the issues facing today's children and adults.

All day and overnight camps in Rockland, Sullivan, Orange and Ulster Counties are required to provide proof their campers are vaccinated against the measles virus or have proof of immunity in order to operate this year.

“We have to make sure our “t’s” are crossed and our “I’s” are dotted in making sure all these vaccination records are in and have been fine-combed through to make sure everything is in compliance, Rabbi Hanoch Hecht told ABC News this weekend.

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Like many bachelor's degrees, a degree in social work is designed to prepare students for entry-level work in the field.

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