Anne mroczkowski dating leslie roberts

A I think you’re going to see two people who like and respect each other.

He’s very funny, he’s very charming, he’s extremely smart.

We come from a point of being esteemed competitors and now esteemed colleagues and I’m hoping friends.

I have the greatest respect for City TV, but that chapter is finished and I’ve started a new book.

I wanted to join this team and embrace this new environment and this new culture. I also wanted to make a point about being a woman in mid-life with a lot of experience and a great deal to offer.

Leslie and Anne are an unbeatable team, said Patrick OHara, Vice President, Eastern Stations & General Manager, Global Toronto.I’m extremely hopeful that my viewers, and my fans, if I may call them that, find a way to Leslie and me on the anchor desk at Global Toronto.Q What can viewers expect from you and Leslie Roberts?I am excited to be a part of this incredible family and to share the anchor desk with Leslie, a journalist whom I have admired for many years.Leslie Roberts has been the trusted anchor of the News Hour for almost a decade.

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Anne was born in Hamilton, raised in Toronto's Parkdale district and studied journalism at Carleton University and Niagara College.

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