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As technology products, many are second- or third-rate, with long load times, broken links and frequent error messages. If the alt-right’s ideology harks back to 1940s Germany, its web design might transport you to 1990s Geo Cities.Even the movement’s own adherents have grown frustrated.One Gab user, who claimed to be using the site while temporarily suspended from Twitter, complained in a public post about the site’s technical inferiority.“I’m an investor in Gab,” wrote the user, who goes by the username @Anew Thomas Paine.“I believe in the idea, but I’m disappointed in the platform.” In another message, he wrote: “I barely use it as there are few active users, and few essential features even after a year.”Gab, which claims to have more than 300,000 registered users, was supposed to be an alt-tech success story.

As we’ve said previously, Sizmek will continue operating separately from Amazon Advertising for the time being.

There is even, a dating site for white nationalists and others “wishing to preserve their heritage.”Recently, I spent several days testing a number of these alt-tech services.

I created accounts, explored their features and interfaces, and interviewed users of each site about their experiences.

But most of those sites fizzled when their creators ran out of money or got into legal trouble.

And none came close to reaching a large mainstream audience. Some alt-right leaders are hopeful that a coming “purge” on Twitter — their phrase for a change in the site’s hate speech policies, which Twitter plans to enforce beginning next week — will send scores of disgruntled users scurrying to alt-tech platforms.

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