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It is recommended that all canned food be stored in moderate temperatures (75° Fahrenheit and below).

Proper food storage ensures that your food is safe, fresh and full of its naturally occurring nutrients.

After that date, the product may still be safe to eat, but may not taste as good. Many canned products have a "for best quality use by" date stamped on the top or bottom of the can.

After the war the British no longer feared Russian encroachment in China and wished to maintain close ties with the United States, which tended to view Japan as its rival in the Pacific. It was specifically terminated by the Four-Power Pacific Treaty (1921), a vaguely worded agreement that left the Japanese without allies until the conclusion of their Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy in September 1940.These cookies enable us and third parties to track your Internet navigation behavior on our website and potentially off of our website.By continuing your use of this website, you consent to this use of cookies and similar technologies. Some manufacturers list day, month and year of production, while other companies reference only the year.These codes are usually imprinted on the top or bottom of the can.

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