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You were there when you took out the garbage, went grocery shopping, and helped your kids with their homework. Weekly meetings make that possible: You learn about all the things that your partner has been carrying.

"You got us out of that double date to go line dancing with your cousin?

You just know more about your own efforts than your partner's. The good news is that when those same people found out what their partners were actually doing, they stopped overestimating their own contributions.The formality of the meeting is what makes it work. The little things you do for each other will become more meaningful.It signals that it's a priority and allows you to tackle things before they spiral out of control. Finally, he told them about some classic evidence from the workplace: great managers have weekly one-on-one meetings with their employees. Don't you value your relationship with your partner at least as much as the one with your boss? Instead of checking a chore off your to-do list, you'll realize that you're helping with something that matters to your partner — and will make their day easier.So call it something else if you want: a check-in, a shindig. Start a conversation about a specific task: "Did you end up making that dinner reservation?And oh, I have an update on the pediatrician appointment." When that goes well, you can say, "That was really helpful.

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First, our kids: how they're doing in school, who has a runny nose, how many toys they've "accidentally" pilfered from preschool, blah, blah, blah.

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