If anyone can find how to get the firmware upgrade working that may help - IF matsui have released a version that plays the tracks in order (which is unlikely since the mp3 players probably have the most up to date firmware already as they are new).

I tried to install the software on the CD by running the installation program - however nothing was installed in the folders I told it to install in!

The sad thing is it's not a bad player it's just been let down by poor software.

With this new one you can choose to play all tracks alphabetically regardless of Artist or all tracks as copied from the disk.

If any one finds out how to get it working properly I'll be glad to hear how.

I'm not going to return it, as I can always work around it by changing the track titles (Useful tool for doing this in bulk - MP3 Tag Tools from )However I will be getting onto Currys Customer Services and asking them for updated firmware.Track 01, Track 02, Track 03 etc in say 5 folders, when I play it plays all track 01 first, then all track 02's etc etc.I can't get the update software to work either, and although it apparently auto installs I can't find the software either. Nếu anh cần đi, em giới thiệu cho con bạn cùng lớp, nó máu lắm! Cảnh báo Rất đáng báo động là hiện nay ở các thành phố lớn, các trò bệnh hoạn trên Internet ngày càng tăng cao. – Không đi, em chưa ngủ với ai đâu, làm thế này không mất mát gì mà được tiền, dại gì chứ! Phơi mình trước bàn dân thiên hạ, dù là trên mạng cũng là trò bệnh hoạn, thế mà nàng cho là “không mất mát gì”?

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